Fort Worth-Arlington Custom Concrete Solutions

Looking for a great company to provide you water Custom Concrete solutions?  Do you find yourself in need of a company to deliver you the best custom concrete solutions?

Fort Worth-Arlington provides you with the best custom concrete solution for your residential and commercial needs. We are the answer to all your concrete flooring needs.

Fort Worth-Arlington Custom Concrete Solutions has been providing custom concrete flooring for various homes across the country. We guarantee top-notch quality in all the services we offer which include; Polished concrete, Stained concrete, Sealed concrete, Stamped concrete, Concrete overlay, Decorative concrete flooring, Metallic epoxy,  Concrete counter tops, Concrete sinks, Concrete summer kitchens, Concrete kitchen tables, Concrete conference tables, Concrete driveways, Stamped concrete and Driveway repairs

We also provide epoxy flooring solutions for all type of spaces regardless of size and location.


Services We Offer

Fort Worth-Arlington Custom Concrete Solutions

  • Do you ever feel like your home and commercial flooring needs a solution that will match your desires?
  • Does your current concrete flooring not meet your needs?
  • Or do you want the best concrete solutions there is?

There is no need to worry you don’t have to go searching too far. We Fort Worth-Arlington Custom Concrete Solution are the right people for the job as we deliver the best service in term of kitchen remodeling.

We redesign, transform and refurbish your floor with the most updated design ideas which blend style, cost economy, and efficiency perfectly.

We At Fort Worth-Arlington Custom Concrete Solution offer our clients that would be of great benefit and value to them. Take advantage of our many services to transform your floors and kitchens today. The services we offer  include; Polished concrete, Stained concrete, Sealed concrete, Stamped concrete, Concrete overlay

  • Decorative concrete flooring
  • Metallic epoxy
  • Concrete countertops
  • Concrete Sinks
  • Concrete summer kitchens
  • Concrete kitchen tables
  • Concrete conference tables
  • Concrete driveways
  • Stamped concrete
  • Driveway repairs
  • Patio resurfacing
  • Concrete retaining walls
  • Waterfalls and/or pool waterfalls
  • Pool spillover bowl
  • Concrete fire pits
  • Epoxy Floor Systems
  • Concrete Pool Decks
  • Pool Deck Resurfacing
  • Custom Staining
  • Acid Stained Concrete


Concrete Solutions

We At Fort Worth-Arlington Custom Concrete Solution offer concrete solutions for various spaces. Our designs are the latest and cost-effective. An investment in us guarantees a complete transformation that involves making use of the latest kitchen counter-tops, sinks and cabinets to take your commercially sized kitchen to a level of grand beauty.

We remain dedicated to delivering a great job regardless of floor size; residential or commercial floor spaces as we stay solely focused on delivering perfection.

Do not waste any further time, get your concrete solutions with us. Reach out to us today


Stained Concrete

Fort Worth-Arlington provides stained concrete to homes across the country. Transform your concrete slab to a surface that is both unique and colorful. Our team of experienced staff delivers for you with the best treatment methods that react with your concrete to create a visually stunning finish.

It is a great choice for all surfaces whether interior or exterior.

The stained concrete finish is made possible by a solution made of water, the acid that reacts with the minerals present in your concrete flooring. The quality is guaranteed and the same regardless of the surface old or new. Our teams ensure quality is never compromised.


Polished Concrete

Through polished concrete, we are able to offer our clients a variety that this easily customizable option gives. They can be done to mimic different materials like ceramic tiles and stone. It is more durable and the cost of maintenance is lower. Our team of experienced staff provides you the service of using this great product in various ways, ranging from the honed concrete to the “grind and seal” method.

The polished concrete is a green material as it makes use of an already existing concrete slab. For the best of polished concrete reach out to us to get you hooked with a polished concrete for your flooring today. So, what are you waiting for get in touch with us today.


Epoxy Floor Systems

For a coating system that is both strong and beautiful the epoxy floor system is great. Enjoy an amazing floor finish that would can is more than capable of withstanding heavy weight load and more. Be it quartz, metallic or chip blends you are sure to still get the same perfect mesh of beauty and strength that will stay for a long time without wear and tear.

The available selections of quartz, chip blends and metallic give you the option to a variety that you are looking for in decorative floor. The beautiful colored quartz blend offers great strength and impact resistance for a flooring system.



Concrete summer kitchens

Have you ever felt like your home is in need of a much-needed retouch, a pint of magic to completely transform its beauty? Are you not satisfied with just a kitchen a normal kitchen and want something totally different from what you have been used to?

Do not let this bother at all, Fort Worth-Arlington Custom Concrete Solution offers this awesome service.

Call on us to turn your home with the designs that match both your style and personality. It is an investment that would prove to be worth it.

Our approach ensures we deliver you a great service with a wide variety of ideas that give your pool the facelift it desires. Our services  also cover Concrete sinks, Concrete summer kitchens, Concrete kitchen tables and Concrete conference tables


Concrete Retaining Walls

You no longer have to worry about your walls no matter the location of your structure, be it by the lake or on grass. Our concrete retaining walls help in creating an impermissible barrier between your exterior and interior components of your structure. Our concrete retaining walls are well done that they meet the demand of whatever operation that your structure has been designed to perform.

A great concrete retaining wall must be able to stand various weathers and must be durable, the layout and finish must be efficiently done. It should not only be effective but also beautiful which is what Fort Worth-Arlington Custom Concrete Solution guarantees you in every service we offer.

At Fort Worth-Arlington Custom Concrete Solution, we make it our priority to help our customers get the best concrete solutions for their walls and live and work in the best environment possible.

We consult with you and converse to help us get a better understanding of the location and just what sort of problems you might face with your structure at any location. From there we set out to deliver you with the best service by providing you a great concrete retaining wall that is not only durable and effective but also economically considerate. You are sure to be satisfied with our work.

At Fort Worth-Arlington Custom Concrete Solution we can be trusted to do for you great job worth your money.


Concrete Pool Decks

We offer concrete solutions for your pool decks with methods ideas that are carved to give your pool that beauty it needs to stand out.

Dare to try us with our concrete solutions and get the best of something unique with us and get the best concrete pool decks. All this needs to be taken care by the professional concrete contractor. If you don’t hire someone who has got expertise like Fort Worth-Arlington Custom Concrete Solution then you will end getting the wrong services.

Driveway Repairs

Is your driveway in need of a repair. Work with us at Fort Worth-Arlington Custom Concrete Solution to get your driveway repaired and fixed. You are sure of a complete restoration when we handle your driveway repairs. A repair that eliminates any hazard associated with a bad driveway.


Patio Resurfacing

To meet the aesthetic demand of home, rooftop bar you might need. It must have the latest appliances and layout which will ensure smooth operation, the layout must be efficient. Anything that goes below that is not worthy of your investment.

A great patio resurfacing must resolve issues that might hinder commercial value and must maximize the beauty of your home, rooftop bar or any space with a patio

At Fort Worth-Arlington Custom Concrete Solution, we make it our duty to help our customers in realizing the potential in their business.

From consultation where we plan with our clients about the best way and create a schedule that will work for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your services insured

In a bid to protect your interests, we have fully insured our services in accordance to the state laws.

  • Are you licensed to run this business?

Yes, our company is fully licensed to operate as a construction company. You can get an opportunity to view our permit by visiting the office. In addition, all our experts are certified to operate as contractors. This means that they have met all the academic and experience requirements to achieve this status.

  • Do you charge fixed or flexible prices?

Our billing system is flexible and very transparent depending on how much your project is going to cost us to implement.

Fort Worth-Arlington Custom Concrete Solutions remains to be top on the list when looking for the best concrete surfaces for your home or office. We have a broad range of finishes that we can apply to give your concrete surface a bright and unique look. Our goal is to make sure that the kind of work that we do makes your surface to stand out in the market. Hire our services today and you will smile all along because of the outcome of the project.